How does it work?

InterruptMe is simple to use. At the click of a button, or at some future time, the app will interrupt you with a simulated phone call or text message. You can then excuse yourself from any situation to deal with the call or text.

What if I want to be interrupted, but am already surrounded by people?

Using the app doesn’t have to reveal what you’re doing. With InterruptMe’s exclusive covert feature, you can disguise the Quick Set buttons on the main screen to appear as a text conversation. This way you can use the app in plain sight, and get out of there fast, with a click of a button.

What if I don't want anyone to see me using my phone?

This is one of the things we had in mind when we designed our patented Quick Set screen. The QuickSet screen has only two large buttons. The top button, +3, will add three minutes to your interruption delay, and the bottom button, Go, will activate the interruption. Best of all, the app will silently vibrate to give you feedback. Each time you add three minutes, the app will vibrate once. When you activate the interruption, the app will vibrate twice. This makes it very easy to use the app behind your back or under a conference table. If you’ve added too much time to the delay, you can even reset it without looking. Swiping the Go button will reset the delay to three minutes.

What if getting a call is too awkward, like when I'm with my boss?

You have a few choices here. You can set the app to vibrate only, so a ringtone won’t sound. If that demonstration of respect isn’t enough, you can snooze the interruption with the click of a button right on the call screen. That will show your desire to continue with the meeting by refusing the call. Then, a few minutes later (a duration you can easily set yourself), the call will interrupt you again. The caller’s persistence will imply a sense of urgency and you can excuse yourself with apologies to make your escape. Finally, you can schedule a text message, instead of a phone call to again have the needed excuse with or without a discrete alert¬†tone.

Where can I buy the app?

You can download the app from the Apple App Store by clicking on the Download on the App Store button at the bottom of every page of this site.

Can I buy the app for a friend?

You will soon be able to buy the app for a friend, in an easy process from within the app itself. For now, you can click on the Download on the App Store¬†button at the bottom of every page of this site. When viewing the app in the App Store, you can use the “Gift this App” link in the upper right corner of the screen.