Calls look like the real thing…


…and so do text messages!


Schedule calls or texts many ways

Interrupt Me is a smartphone app designed to get you out of long meetings and awkward social situations by calling or texting you at the perfect moment.

If you know in advance that you’ll need an escape from a particular event, you can schedule your interruption with a couple of simple buttons on the Schedule screen. Or, if you need to make an unplanned exit without anyone knowing, you can schedule an interruption without even looking at the app using the opening Quick Set screen. Three minutes later and you have the perfect excuse to be on your way.

Interrupt Me is very customizable, allowing you to set your own avatars, ring tones, background images, and more. And it’s realistic enough for any setting. After answering a call, you can talk along with a simulated conversation, and even fake responses to the text messages you schedule!